Home Brewing Resources

The links listed here are all resources that I find useful and highly recommend.

Ingredients Information

Bear Flavored's Hop Guide

Bear Flavored's Ultimate Guide To Hop Varieties / Hop Cheat Sheet

Beer Legends Hops Guide

Detailed information about hops varieties and substitution guide

NZ Hops Review

Review of common NZ hops varieties

Brewing Recipe Calculation Tools


A nice software tool for designing beers, not free but free trial available


Excellent free brewing software. I started using this once I got into partial mash brewing as the Kit & Extract Beer Designer doesn't do mashing.

Hopville's Beer Calculus

Another recipe calculator, this one is a free online one

Kit & Extract Beer Designer

A brilliant Excel spreadsheet application for designing kit and extract recipes. A tool like Beersmith except it is FREE and it has kit data that Beersmith doesn't have, but it is not for AG.

Home Brewing Forums

Aussie Home Brewer Forum

Australia based home brewing forum

HomeBrewAndBeer.com Forum

Online Forum (Australia based)


Very active online forum (USA based)

Jim's Beer Kit Home Brewing froum

UK based home brewing forum

RealBeer.co.nz Forum

New Zealand based online forum

Learning Resources for Home Brewing


Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video - brewing videos and podcasts


Home brewing video demonstrations - emphasis on easy brewing

How To Brew

Highly rated beginners home brewing book (online free book)

The Brewing Network

Internet radio shows about brewing

Instructions for specific tasks

How to make a yeast strater

Another good instructional video from billybrew.com

Yeast Harvesting

Best instructional video on yeast harvesting that I've come accross

Home Brewing Suppliers in New Zealand

All Grain Home Brewery Supplies

Home brewing equipment and supplies run by Karl Hayes in Lower Hutt

Baylands Brewery

Used to be Liberty Brewing

Brewers World

Brewers World in Porirua, Wellington offers free shipping on orders over $80


New Zealand online shop for home brewing supplies

Craft Brewing

Home Brewing suppier based in Hamilton

Great Expectations

Home Brewing suppier based in Lower Hutt

Home Brew West

League of Brewers

Nelson based homebrew supplier, online shop, often runs ingredients showcase competitions

That Beer Place (Bill Fennell)

Local Nelson brewing ingredients supplier, Bill Fennell

The Brew House

Wellington based home brewing supplier

Home Brewing Bloggers


A must read brew blog by a homebrewer who does some worthwhile expereiments - very interesting!

Homebrew Dad

The home brewing adventures of a 35 year old father of five from Birmingham, Alabama.


  1. Chris says:

    Great site with lots of useful comments. I’d love to use the Kit & Extract Beer Designer spreadsheet but the forum is no longer accepting registrations. Any chance you could either email it to me or perhaps post it here?

    1. Aidan says:

      Hi Chris,
      The AHB forum is accepting registrations but you have to send an email to the forum administrator by clicking on the link ‘Contact the forums administrator’.
      But I’ll email it to you anyway.

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