Guinness Clone Mark 3

Same recipe as previously. The difference here was fermenting in my new Fermzilla fermenter. I had intended to do a pressure ferment but when I went to keg it, I discovered that there was no pressure in the Fermzilla – I had accidentally left the pressure release open! I did my first attempt at a (semi-)closed transfer from fermenter to keg. I pushed out some sanitiser out of the keg and gave it a bit of a purge. The pressure in the keg was enough to get the flow started and gravity took care of the rest. Transfer was fairly slow and came to a halt at one point. I noticed the sides of the Fermzilla were sucked inwards so I opened the pressure release and the flow started going again. So it wasn’t a totally closed transfer, for that one would need to feed some CO2 gas into the Fermzilla from fully purged and pressurized keg. But in any case I reckon the oxygen contact in this transfer would have been way lower than the usual open transfer with auto-siphon.

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