The Big Squeeze NEIPA

I named this beer from the big squeeze I had to do to the brew bag to get the juice out! All that oats and flaked wheat sure retains a lot of water and requires some extra effort to squeeze out the liquid. This beer has a similar malt bill to my 2018 NEIPA just with the exception of 0.25kg of pale ale malt swapped for 0.25kg of flaked barley. The hops bill and yeast is different though. I had a Southpaw ‘Say Hey Kid’ IPA recently when I was in Christchurch and I really liked it – thought it was a perfect hoppy IPA for my tastes (or actually more like APA since it’s more hops forward and not so bitter). So I went with the hops that they use – Amarillo, Waimea and Moutre. I don’t know their ratios but I used 100g of each. I did a small first wort addition, a small 5 min addition and the bulk of the hops post flame-out. For yeast I went with S-04 as that is a popular dried yeast choice for NEIPAs. Fermentation action was well underway within 12 hours of pitching re-hydrated yeast.

Dry hopped after 4 days, just after primary fermentation slowed down. Reserved second charge of dry hops for the keg.

Early transfer to keg after 1 week in primary. Fermentation was still visibly active upon transfer. The beer was quite thick and sludgy, slow to siphon. The early transfer / secondary fermentation in keg may help with reduction of oxidation since still active but a concern is that there may be too much trub in keg. Fingers crossed that there will be no blockages when pouring. I added a second dose of dry hops to keg in a mesh bag with spoon to weight it down (it still appeared to float near top while transferring, but I think it should sink.) I’m not set up for closed transfer yet but I purged the keg with CO2 before transfer to help reduce oxygen exposure.

Style Information

Name: American IPA
Recipe Type: All Grain
Category: New England IPA

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Pale Ale Malt 4 kg
Flaked Oats 1.75 kg
Flaked Wheat 0.7 kg
Wheat Malt 0.4 kg
Flaked Barley 0.25 kg


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Moutere 0.01 kg 15.3% 0.153 45 First wort hops
Waimea 0.01 kg 14.6% 0.146 45 First wort hops
Moutere 0.01 kg 15.3% 0.153 5
Waimea 0.01 kg 14.6% 0.146 5
Amarillo 0.03 kg 8.6% 0.258 0 Flame out
Moutere 0.02 kg 15.3% 0.306 0 Flame out
Waimea 0.02 kg 14.6% 0.292 0 Flame out
Amarillo 0.03 kg 6.9% 0.207 0 Cube hops
Moutere 0.02 kg 15.3% 0.306 0 Cube hops
Waimea 0.02 kg 14.6% 0.292 0 Cube hops
Amarillo 0.025 kg 6.9% 0.17 0 Dry hops
Moutere 0.025 kg 15.3% 0.38 0 Dry hops
Waimea 0.025 kg 14.6% 0.36 0 Dry hops
Amarillo 0.015 kg 6.9% 0.1 0 Keg hops
Moutere 0.015 kg 15.3% 0.23 0 Keg hops
Waimea 0.015 kg 14.6% 0.22 0 Keg hops


Name Type Use Amount Time Notes
Calcium Chloride Water Agent Mash 0.01 kg 60
Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) Water Agent Mash 0.006 kg 60
Koppafloc Fining Boil 0.004 kg 15


Name Amount Notes
S-04 11g rehydrated

Mash Steps

Name Step Type Step Time Temperature
Saccharification Rest Infusion 45 69 C


Amount: 26.25 liters
Water Description:
Time: 30 minutes
Target Batch Size: 25 liters


Step Time Temperature Container Additions
Name: Amount
19 C


Estimated OG: 1.066
Estimated FG: 1.017
Estimated ABV: 6.45%
Actual OG: 1.068
Actual FG: 1.014
Actual ABV: 7.11%

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