Rule-breaker Ale

This one is a bit of a mix-up not following any particular style guidlines – a Belgian, amber/pale ale. Although having said that, it’s along the lines of an APA/IPA as it’s a fairly hoppy beer. Brewed with a Belgian trappist ale yeast, Safale BE-256, but fermented at 17°C for a cleaner profile. Gladfield Redback and Shepherds Delight malts add an amber/red hue. 230g of hops (Willamette and Nelson Sauvin) make it a fairly hoppy beer.

Higher boil-off rate resulted in higher OG and reduced volume into the fermentor. I added 2L of dilution water after fermentation to compensate and take the ABV from around 6.7% down to around 6%.

Style Information

Name: Mixed
Recipe Type: All Grain

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Pale Ale Malt 6.1 kg
Gladfield Light Crystal 0.3 kg
Gladfield Redback Malt 0.3 kg
Carapils (Dextrine) 0.2 kg
Gladfield Shepherds Delight 0.1 kg


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Willamette 0.03 kg 7.1% 0.213 30
Nelson Sauvin 0.05 kg 11.5% 0.575 10
Willamette 0.05 kg 7.1% 0.355 10
Nelson Sauvin 0.1 kg 11.5% 1.15 1
Nelson Sauvin 0.05 kg 11.5% 0.575 0


Name Amount Notes
Safale BE-256

Mash Steps

Name Step Type Step Time Temperature
Saccharification Rest Infusion 45 68 C


Amount: 27.3 liters
Water Description:
Time: 30 minutes
Target Batch Size: 26 liters


Estimated OG: 1.063
Estimated FG: 1.014
Estimated ABV: 6.44%
Actual OG: 1.065
Actual FG: 1.014
Actual ABV: 6.71%

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