Homegrown Apple Cider

We had a bumper crop of apples this year so I decided to make a 10L batch of cider to use them up. We extracted the juice using an electric juicer. The apples were a combination of 4 different varieties – Egremont Russet, Prescilla, Granny Smith and Initial. I added campden tablets and let it sit for 24+ hours to sanitise the juice. The following day I boiled up the sugar, yeast nutrient and malic acid in 250ml of water to sanitise, cooled it and added it to the must and pitched the cider yeast. The yeast nutrient is needed because, unlike a malt wort, an apple must does not have all of the essential nutrients for healthy yeast development. The malic acid is used to add some tartness.

Style Information

Name: Homegrown Apple Cider
Recipe Type: Extract
Category: Cider

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Fresh apple juice 10L
Sugar 250g


Name Type Use Amount Time Notes
Yeast Nutrient 100g minutes
Malic Acid 2 tsp
Campden tablets 3


Name Amount Notes
Mad Millie Cider Yeast 10g


Actual OG: 1.052
Actual FG: 1.001
Actual ABV: 6.80%

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