Fresh hops random Hazy

Dan from LOB gave me  an unwanted Hazy grain bill, already milled. Then LOB were giving away fresh Nectaron hops so I got about 2.5kg of them and threw down this beer, brewed with kveik yeast.

Brewed 18th Mar

Strike temp: 77°
Mash: start 72°, mid: 70.5°, end 68°
OG: 12.2 Brix (before hops rinse)
Hops stand: 40 mins as temp drops to 72°
Chilled to 25° & transferred to Fermzilla
Rinsed hops with 2L water, bringing down OG to 11 Brix (1.044)
Sprinkled dry Kveik yeast and fermentation was going strong in a matter of hours

FG: 1.017
ABV: 3.54%

Tasting notes

First sample had very strong hops burn, thought I overdid the hops, but after chilling it and leaving it a few days, that hops burn was gone and it is a very nice drop. No dry hops used so doesn't have quite the big hit on the nose that you get from most hazys, but still plenty hoppy. Was taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether I would dry hop it and I decided to leave it as is.

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