Dark Times III

Style Information

Name: Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
Recipe Type: All Grain

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Pale Ale Malt 5.3 kg
Gladfield Light Crystal 0.3 kg
Carafa II malt 0.13 kg
Caraaroma 0.1 kg
Chocolate, Pale 0.1 kg
Crystal 120 (dark) 0.1 kg


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Waimea 0.025 kg 16% 0.4 20
Green Bullet 0.04 kg 13.6% 0.544 10
Green Bullet 0.06 kg 13.6% 0.816 0


Name Type Use Amount Time Notes
Koppafloc Fining Boil 0.000114074074074 kg 15


Name Amount Notes
Safale S-04

Mash Steps

Name Step Type Step Time Temperature
Saccharification Rest Infusion 45 68 C


Amount: 29.68 liters
Water Description:
Time: 30 minutes
Target Batch Size: 28 liters


Estimated OG: 1.051
Estimated FG: 1.013
Estimated ABV: 4.98%
Actual OG: 1.060
Actual FG: 1.014
Actual ABV: 6.04%
Bitterness: 34 IBU
Estimated Color: 17.6 SRM

Tasting notes

Happy with how this turned out. Tastes 'richer' than Dark Times 1 (no doubt due to higher gravity). Good balance - not too sweet, not too bitter. Plenty 'chocolaty' notes despite having to substitute Carafa II for some of the Chocolate malt. Seems more towards a porter style than brown ale.

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