Common Room ESB

This is based on a popular ESB recipe on the HomeBrewTalk forum called Common Room ESB which I tweaked it a bit and converted to extract.

Style Information

Name: Extra Special Bitter
Recipe Type: Extract
Category: English Pale Ale
Type: Ale

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Light Liquid Malt Extract 3.5kg
Medium Crystal 0.35kg steeped for 30 mins
Carapils 0.25kg steeped for 30 mins
Dark Crystal 0.1kg steeped for 30 mins


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
East Kent Golding 30g 4.5% 135 60 First Wort Hops
Fuggles 20g 4.2% 84 60
East Kent Golding 10g 4.5% 45 20
Fuggles 15g 4.2% 63 20
East Kent Golding 10g 4.5% 45 0
Fuggles 15g 4.2% 63 0


Name Amount Notes
Safeale S-04 15g


Amount: 10L
Water Description:
Time: 60 minutes
Target Batch Size: 23L


Estimated OG: 1.053
Estimated FG: 1.013
Estimated ABV: 5.24%
Bitterness: 34.5 IBU
Estimated Color: 11 SRM

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