2014 Hops Harvest Ale No. 2

I should have called this brew Hops Stew!!!  1.75kg of fresh hops in this brew – pure hop madness! I had to work hard just shove all those hops into the kettle, stuffing them down into the thick hops/wort porridge either side of the imerssion cooler coils. No bag this time, there is no way I could have fitted them in if I used a bag in the kettle due to the constriction of the wort chiller. Instead I sanitised the bag in starsan and used it to line the fermenter when I dumped in the hoppy wort, then pulled out the bag to remove the hops material. Of course there was a serious amount of the precious hoppy wort soaked into the large volume of hops cones so I had to get a bit unorthodox and get my hands (washed in starsan) involved to squeeze out the wort which I added back into the fermenter.

I was a little concerned at the lenght of time my rehydrated yeast was sitting for before pitching (it had started to expand), so in addition to the rehydrated yeast I sprinked some more dry yeast on the wort as a fermentation insurance policy.

I racked it to secondary carboy after 5 days because I needed my main 30L fermenter for the Marchfest brew up, gravity was already down to 1.012.

Style Information

Name: American Pale Ale
Recipe Type: All Grain
Category: Harvest Ale (Hoppiness Maximus)

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Maris Otter Malt 5.5 kg
Crystal, Bairds Pale 0.2 kg
Carafa II malt 0.05 kg


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Fresh Hops Variety 1 0.024 kg 12% 0.288 60 actual: 120g wet hops (5x factor to get dry equiv weight)
Fresh Hops Variety 2 0.05 kg 7% 0.35 20 actual: 250g wet hops
Fresh Hops Variety 3 0.034 kg 11% 0.374 10 actual: 170g wet hops
Fresh Hops Variety 2 0.05 kg 7% 0.35 10 actual: 250g wet hops
Fresh Hops Variety 3 0.05 kg 11% 0.55 0 actual: 250g wet hops
Fresh Hops Variety 2 0.14 kg 7% 0.98 0 actual: 700g wet hops


Name Amount Notes
US-05 20g rehydreated 10g and sprinkled 10g dry

Mash Steps

Name Step Type Step Time Temperature
Saccharification Rest Infusion 60 68 C


Amount: 30 L
Water Description: Nelson City Water Supply
Time: 60 minutes
Target Batch Size: 23 liters


Estimated OG: 1.051
Estimated FG: 1.013
Estimated ABV: 5.00%
Actual OG: 1.056
Actual FG: 1.012
Actual ABV: 5.77%

Tasting notes

11/4/2014: Just one week after bottling and this one is amazing. Powerful hops aromas and the taste is well balanced with not too much bitterness and great hops flavours. Might just be my best one yet. Hope it holds up well to time in the bottle.

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