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  • Dark Times III

  • Nelson Pale Ale

  • Whiskey beer 2

  • Rule-breaker Ale

    This one is a bit of a mix-up not following any particular style guidlines – a Belgian, amber/pale ale. Although having said that, it’s along the lines of an APA/IPA as it’s a fairly hoppy beer. Brewed with a Belgian trappist ale yeast, Safale BE-256, but fermented at 17°C for a cleaner profile. Gladfield Redback… Continue reading »

  • Dark Times 2

    This attempt to re-create my previous Dark Times beer went a little awry – the gravity came in much lower than expected, 1.042 instead of 1.050. At first I put it down to the no-sparge process instead of my usual BIAB with sparge process. But when I was crushing grains for my next brew, I… Continue reading »

  • Fining beer with gelatin

    This is my process for using gelatin to help clear my beer: Beer should be chilled to between 0° and 5°C (so that if chill haze occurs the gelatin will help remove it) Clean and sanitise pyrex jug, temperature probe, long handle spoon Measure out 2/3 cup cold water (can be pre-boiled and cooled) in… Continue reading »

  • Marchfest Rye Pale Ale

    Brewed at Marchfest 2017 Brew Zone. Brewed this as a home brewing demo at Marchfest 2017 in Brew Zone. It deviated considerably from the plan but the resulting beer was a top notch pale ale that I was very happy with. First major deviation was I ended up with an extra kg of base malt!… Continue reading »

  • Hops Stew 2017

    Split batch at bottling time, added hops tea made with the dried homegrown hops to one batch and bottled the other batch without any additional hops. I was a bit unsure about the hops tea, hence the 2 batches, but it worked well and imparted the hops character that I felt was missing in the… Continue reading »

  • Workhorse Blonde

  • Dark Times

    A dark ale for dark times… Based on a beer that I made in 2014 – Fuggles Gem Dark Ale (which was based on Hobgoblin). Similar base but with Willamette hops (the American version of Fuggles) instead of Fuggles and Pacific Gem. Came out good, can’t remember if it was as good as the Fuggles… Continue reading »

  • Kaffir Chilli Saison

    A Saison with a hint of kaffir lime and chilli. Got this one really clear by racking to secondary, then racking again at bottling time. Made a tea with 7 kaffir lime leaves and added to secondary after some taste testing to make sure it wasn’t going to be too over-powering. Soaked a chopped up… Continue reading »

  • WWPA

    An American style pale ale featuring a combo of Waimea and Willamette hops plus a little Dr Rudi.

  • Blonde

    An easy drinking lager-like blonde ale for summer.

  • Does full volume mash affect maltiness and body of the beer ?

    I came across a very interesting discussion on the effect of full volume mash on the fermentablity of the wort and resulting maltiness and body of the beer in BIAB brewing on HomeBrewTalk. My approach is to mash with about 2/3 of the water with 1/3 reserved for sparging. I have considered doing a full… Continue reading »

  • Swamp Monster

    First use of new grainmill and new grainbag. Big gain in efficiency: 93% mash efficiency compared to typically around 80% with old bag. Old bag was under-sized for pot, new one is plenty big so better able to mix grain and water, also temp appears more even. Retroactively named this one ‘Swamp Monster’ due to… Continue reading »

  • Red Rocket

  • Oatmeal Stout

  • Waimea Express

    Inspired by some interesting posts on I tried out a new ‘express’ approach to brewing – short mash (30 min), short boil (25 min), short final hops stand (5 min). This resulted in a nice short brew night and I didn’t notice any downsides apart from a small loss in efficiency so I think… Continue reading »

  • Hops Harvest 2016

  • Plum Wine 2016

    Some notes on my plum wine making for 2016 (learnings for next time) Fruit – picked approx 60kg of fruit – 4 times my harvest of 2012 (the last time I made plum wine). The tree was loaded this year. I picked the ripe plums between 5th and 12th Jan, that’s later than usual for… Continue reading »

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